.85OZ Extra Time Epoxy

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$5.99/ EA
$5.99/ EA
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Part Number: 108541
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Loctite, .85 OZ, Extra Time Epoxy, 2 Part System Consisting Of An Epoxy Resin & A Hardener Available In A Convenient Dual Syringe, When Mixed In Equal Volumes, Resin & Hardener React To Produce A Tough, Rigid, High Strength Bond, Sets In 60 Minutes, Excellent For Complex Multi-Piece Assemblies, Use As An Adhesive For A Wide Range Of Materials Or As A Versatile Filler For Gap Bonding, Surface Repairs & Laminating, Does Not Shrink & Is Resistant To Water & Most Common Solvents, Can Be Tinted With Earth Pigments, Cement Or Sand For Color Matching, Can Be Sanded & Drilled, Recommended For Bonding Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Many Rigid Plastics, China, Tile, Fiberglass, Concrete & Stone, Can Be Used With A Fiberglass Cloth For Durable Patch.